The Grand Tour

Michelin is proud to be Official Sponsor of Amazon’s new show The Grand Tour. Each week Michelin gives you exclusive access to bonus content and behind-the-scenes videos from the show.


Amazing drifts, drag races, test-driving armoured vehicles… Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back together again in a new show about cars, racing and life at the very edge of the envelope.


Richard Hammond vs The Drift at Ladoux — The Michelin Test Center

Michelin welcomes The Grand Tour’s Richard Hammond to Ladoux; engineered to be the ultimate testing ground, this 450-hectares arena holds 27 miles of track and an array of technically demanding trials. Brace yourself. Then watch the preview and hope Richard stays the course.




The Grand Tour – The World’s Best Job

Meet Jim Mero, Ride & Handling Engineer at Chevrolet. His job: test drive Corvettes, pushing the envelope to see just how much these Corvettes can deliver. Check-out our exclusive video created by The Grand Tour to see what it's like todrivefast for a living.



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